2 2 1 6 0.6


Trait 1 Trait 2 Trait 3
Immune to fire, explosions, ice, poison & electricity. N/A N/A


Move Name Type Effect Effect If Failed Cost Notes
Devour Move Deals 2 damage and heals the user. (Front) No effect. 0 FP Physical attack.

Ground attack.

DEF Raise Move Increases DEF by 1 for 0 - 3 turns. (Any) N/A 2 FP N/A
Bolster Move Gives target a random immunity trait for 0 - 3 turns. (Selfless) N/A 2 FP N/A
Acidic Spit Variant Move Deals 1 damage. (Enemy) Deals 1 less damage. (Enemy) 0 FP Pierces defense.
Stall Variant Move Gives "Stone" for 1 turn. (Any) N/A 1 FP N/A
Vacuum Variant Move Steals status effects. (Any) No effect. 1 FP N/A
Nobody Cares 1 SP Move Increases DEF by 999 for 1 turn. (Ally) N/A 3 SP N/A
Nobody Cares 2 SP Move Increases DEF by 999 for 2 turns. (Ally) N/A 6 SP N/A
Nobody Cares 3 SP Move Increases DEF by 999 for 3 turns. (Ally) N/A 9 SP N/A


The slayer of elements. Hope you're not a Fire Bro, Ice Bro, M. Bush, Ruff Puff, Bob-omb, et cetera, et cetera.

Can't poison it, can't burn it, can't electrocute it. This thing is nearly invincible to all attacks.

How do you defeat it? Well, wind and quakes still work, along with other miscellaneous defense piercing attacks, like Piercing Blow. Or, you can just find some way to deal 8 damage.

Can either be extremely effective in stopping your enemies, or completely useless if you get quaked.

In the event you're fighting something like a Clubba with Quake, try using a Sombrero Guy, Ackpow, or HP Plus.

Note: Bolster traits include Fire, Ice, Electricity, Poison, Water, Quake, Status (Allergic).