HOW BADGES WORK: You may take a maximum of 3 into battle (1 badge for each fighter ( :( ), not counting stolen badges)

You can equip badges whenever it's your turn. Some badges have an "equipping fee", which means you have to pay BP to put them on.

There are two kinds of badges: Passive badges, and Move badges.

Passive badges are badges that effect you during your turn. Ex: Defend Plus gives you +1 DEF at all times. At the start of each turn, you will have to pay some BP. Putting on multiple passive badges at once will increase the BP amount.

Move badges are badges that you have to use. Essentially, they're just extra attacks that everyone can use. Tactics on crack, if you will. They cost BP every time you use them, however.

If you don't have enough BP to use a badge, you have to use Refresh or some other BP restoring move in order to use them again.

Bold = New Additions

Passive Badges

All or Nothing

Anger's Power

Close Call

Damage Dodge

Defend Plus

Double Pain

Feeling Fine

Fire Shield

Flower Saver

FP Drain

FP Plus

Happy Flower

Happy Heart

HP Drain

HP Plus

Ice Power

Last Stand

Lucky Start

Mega Rush

P-Down, D-Up

P-Up, D-Down

Pity Flower

Power Plus

Power Rush

Pretty Lucky


Return Postage

Slow Go

Spike Shield

Zap Tap

Move Badges


D-Down Jump

Dizzy Stomp

Double Dip

Earthquake Jump

Fire Drive

Flower Finder

Hammer Throw

Head Rattle

Heart Finder

Ice Smash

Iron Stomp

I Spy

Item Hog


Perfect Jump

Perfect Smash

Piercing Blow

Power Bounce

Power Jump

Power Smash

Quake Hammer

Quick Change

Shrink Smash

Shrink Stomp

Sleepy Stomp

Soft Stomp

Spin Smash

Super Appeal

Tornado Jump

Script Badges

Attack FX A

Attack FX B

Attack FX C

Attack FX D

Attack FX E

Attack FX F

Attack FX G

Attack FX P

Attack FX R

Attack FX Y

Group Focus